Shamanic Earth Arts


Shamanic Earth Arts

I travel the woodlands in my mind and on foot. I thought about the adventure and manifested it. And so, here I am now. My Home. I go far back into the ravines and gullies of the Earth, with my stick and boots and hat. It is wet and cold and silent, except for the faint trickling of water falling or flowing somewhere further on. I stop by each tree and feel its energy and look for signs of Nature’s gifts. I find a feather, see a bud and a seed, locate an old bone, or a shell. I make my way up and down hillsides, and my breath quickens from the exertion. I see my breath on the breeze. My heart pounds in my chest, but I know it is not totally from the hike, but from my inner fire of excitement at being at one ,on the land, with my Mother, the Earth. The sun shines weakly through the trees, at dawn. There is fog, and wisps of dewy moisture on the tree tips. I didn’t come here alone. My relations on many levels are here with me. My shadow ‘selves’, are here. My goodness and badness. The ’I AM‘. The creatures of the forest are here, and I hear a scurrying rustle in the leaves on the forest floor and the voice of my Ancestors, and Spirit Guides help me navigate the forest and glens, as I search for blending and connection. I hear their ’call’. I give thanks and make offerings of Prayers, Sage smoke and corn meal, seeds and tobacco. I re-emerge with the soil, plants and trees. The canopy of the loving Mother’s arms protect me and shelter me from the wide open Father sky, and secure my faith in myself. The roots of my Being are here. I am rooted in the moment. I know this Path. I am the Path.


My Dream Path With Hecate

My Dream Path With Hecate.

My Dream Path With Hecate

My Dream Path with Hecate

A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends asked the question, “What aspect of Deity do you work with on your Pagan or Wicca Paths“. I didn’t hesitate in my reply, as I remember the first day it happened, and days to follow that decision extremely well, and as if it happened yesterday.

I had made the decision to get serious about my spirituality in 1980. In the next year, I divorced my wife, lost my job, and moved from Youngstown, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio. I knew in the back of my head that I would meet a Teacher of Wicca somewhere in the area. I began a new job and a search for the meaning of witchcraft.

I found a Teacher, and studied there for just over two years, but something was missing for me in that Tradition. I moved on to “find the meat of all of this”, through another Teacher.

Columbus wasn’t good for me after 5 years, and I was slowly drowning in depression and debt. I was getting ready to “go over the edge” with city life, as I was raised pretty much a nature boy. Traffic, People, Noise, Concrete and Attitudes were going against me, all the time and I secretly searched for an escape to something more Pagan, or Earthy. Desperation and worry were setting in.

One night I had a strange and Very Vivid dream. One that changed my Life. The mere thought of the episode gives me goose bumps, even today. I dreamed the I was at a Gathering. The people there were dressed in robes of various sorts, and were moving up and down and past me between tents, on a dirt road and looked vaguely familiar to me ,in some of their faces. It was like an old fair or market scene from out of the distant past, with tents and food and vendors. I wandered into one of the tents, and someone handed me a cup of instant coffee. For some reason, I gulped the entire cup of dry coffee, and immediately came alive and began choking on the dry mixture in my mouth and throat. I stumbled back out of the tent, and was crouched down in the street, chocking with my head down. My eyes were looking down at the ground.

Suddenly, out of my peripheral vision to the right of me, I saw the bottom of a dark crimson ; almost dark maroon, cape, and I felt a presence like I have never felt before. Strong and Sleek and Sure, is the only way I can describe the presence. I heard a female voice say to me, , “Are you all right…….?” There was a feminine soft and concerned tone in the voice. The I felt the presence brush around me as I was kneeling there in the street. The cape brushed me a little. She came around me to my left side, bent down and looked out from under the cowl of her cape , at me , in the face ,with beautiful dark eyes, a mature woman’s face and kind manner, and said, “No, of coarse your not…………let me help you……..” And with that, I physically felt her fingers wrap around and grab my left upper arm and I was being helped up . She helped me back into the tent where I had came from, and gave me a wooden bowl of water. I drank and my thirst was quenched. I felt the chocking subside, and I could swallow once again. I was relieved.

The next scene involved me walking to another tent away down at the end of the dirt street, and again passing by people going to and from ‘the meeting’. I went inside the tent, and it as pretty dark, but I could still see some of the faces in the crowd, and many looked familiar. They were sitting on both sides of a fairly long room and a long banquet table was at the far end, and there were 6 seats occupied buy people ,I felt, were ‘official’ ,in some capacity. I listened and heard voices, both male and female, but I didn’t know what they were saying. When it seemed like they were almost finished with their business, I stood up from my seated place on the right of the room, among the crowd, and said, “May I address the council, please?”

Instantly I was down in front of the six council members. I knelt down on both knees and placed the top of my head on the dirt floor. My right arm stretched straight out beside me and my fingers of my hand cupped and curled and made the sign of the Moon. My left arm went straight out to the other side of me and the fingers made the sign of Horns; Pinky and Index and Thumb out, and the other fingers curled under to the palm. I looked partly up and partly down, and I could see the crescent Moon, in the sky, behind the six people in front of me. I said” I want to thank the council for allowing me to serve and to speak.” (It was if I had already spoken something, but I don’t remember what I said)

Then I said, “And I want to especially thank the Lady who helped me to get here tonight, and ask that she receive this token and gift of my esteem.” And with that I produced from under my cloak, and beautiful sparkling white Rose., and held it up to the council to receive. Someone took the Rose, and I felt a “thank you” and ‘it will be passed on’.

I woke up. I remember saying in my head, ‘That Was Real‘!

About 3 weeks later, I discovered an event coming up that I thought would be fun and a chance to get away from it all. It was a Pagan group who sponsored a festival called Goddess gathering, just East of Cambridge, Ohio. It was a primitive camping event. I like to rough it when I camp. I was excited. I purchased the tickets, and went to the event. It was wet and muddy and simply wonderful, to me, and I got a chance to network and commune with like minded people who were into Witchcraft and Paganism. Many of the faces I saw there were familiar to me, just like in the dream.

I had a chance to speak with the facilitators of the event, and asked them if I could volunteer my labor skills to the Land, on weekends. They were delighted to have someone volunteer. Through my conversations with the couple, I related my dream, and they both stared at one another, almost in disbelief, and told me that that woman in the dream was the Goddess Hecate.hecate-43177254917

To this day, I have been a servant of the Goddess Hecate.

Bright Blessings,
Lord Sige’-Jen I
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Determined To Love


Most of us are determined people. Let’s face it, America was built on determination. The fundamental exercise of the Human Will is paramount in our self discovery, our livelihoods’ , our family and acquaintances in social settings, education and environment. We are what we say we are. “Our choices create our reality“, rings stingingly in our minds. And that is how we were created in physical and metaphysical form, in the first place. The human tide of consciousness would be nothing without the presence of Will and determination.

Many people however, are drifting in their lives. Society rushes about seeking it’s own answers to meaning, and most people are on auto pilot, sleep walking and oblivious to their God given power. Again, “We have forgotten who we are!”, is an understatement in our being-ness. People drift about and never consider how powerful they are and how much more empowered they could be.

One of the most empowering aspects we have at out disposal, if we would only give it a chance , is Love. Not sexual love although that is a part of it all, and important, but the quality of being relaxed and “In Love” with all that is about you. The breath you just took, the slippers that are keeping your feet warm in the morning, and the sleepy cat on the window sill. You get the idea. All of it. But most people never “Consciously” attempt and engage the wonderful emotion of Love, at all. If they only realized that we came from Love, and the most powerful force in the Universe is Love, then there would also be Peace, and Respect, and Kindness, and all the other positive feelings, attached and attracted to that Love.

What If, we used our Determination to exercise Love, on purpose? Excuse me, I want to repeat that last part of that question, “on purpose”. Deliberately, no excuses, and without fear or doubt or angst or any other negative emotion taken into any kind of consideration? Why would we NOT do that? Isn’t that what we all want? To feel good? And have everyone else around us feeling good, too? What would it take? How about……..Determination to do so.

And NOW (and all the Now’s to come) is always a good Choice.

In Love,

Spiritual Master


In 2013, I achieved a Master’s Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences of Northern California. After eight years and much prodding from my faculty advisors and my wife, I managed to get a Master of Metaphysics degree. I got letters behind my name!! But, I drug my feet pretty much all the way through the courses, and regret that I didn’t commit into the study like I should have. Even now, my goal this year is to get my Doctorate and write a book spun off of the topic I have chosen, “ Trance Work “. I’m working on it, slowly, and praying for inspiration and motivation, even now. My faults of procrastination and laziness, are what is holding me back, and I vowed this year, to “get out of my own way”. It’s my new mantra for the rest of my Life.

Recently, I was invited to take part in a local radio show in Columbus, Ohio, put on by a Shaman friend of mine, Iggy Garcia. Before the show, Iggy asked me to give him a short biography about myself to help him introduce me at the beginning of the show, and to help facilitate questions about who I am and what I do in Life. As I started to write the Bio, I had an uncontrollable urge to announce myself as a Spiritual Master, among the other talents and qualities I attest to. I stopped myself dead in my tracts. “Wait a minute”, I said. I had to ask myself, “Am I a real Spiritual Master, and what exactly is that? What does it mean to be a Spiritual Master?”

First of all, I, like everyone else, am an Earth bound spirit living in a physical body. That in itself puts up a red flag, in my opinion, to anyone calling themselves a Master of any kind. A Master, to me, is someone who has indeed Mastered an art, or a skill, or a calling and there is no denying they are an expert at that endeavor. They are the Divine Embodiment of God, in my opinion. “If I am so damn Spiritual“, I thought, “then why am I still here, going through all the mundane lessons and trials and tribulations of a Human Being?” And I wondered, Would a Spiritual Master stay here on Earth? And if so, would he be like the Dali Lama or Mother Theresa, or even Jesus, and help the poor and sick with prayers, and miracles and healings and meditations? Or would he ascend into the Heavenly realms, and work from there? What is the Path of a Spiritual Master, and am I on it?
What is a Master? A Master is someone who has achieved control, mastery of all his thoughts, feelings and acts , and to achieve complete control of all of his or her thoughts, feelings and acts ,and implies the use of special methods, a special discipline and a profound knowledge not only of the structure of a human being, but also of the forces at work within him and the correspondences between his being (his organs and his several bodies) and the different realms of nature. To be master of oneself implies, also, that one is familiar with the entities of the invisible world and the structure of the entire universe. A Master is someone who has resolved all the essential problems of life, who is free, who possesses an extremely strong will and who, above all else, is full of love, kindness, gentleness and light. What a tremendous amount of work, and what concentrated study and perseverance it takes to become a Master.!

The power of a genuine Master lies in the fact that all his actions are in perfect accord with his philosophy. He is first to practice, in his own life, what he preaches to others; he is a living example. And to be a living example is to be a fountainhead, a spring to which plants, animals and human beings are drawn. This is why there are always disciples round a Master.

Now, that is my ‘idea’ of a Master. And of coarse there are many different and diverse opinions on this. There are also other ‘qualifications’ , on this theme, I am sure. In the Witchcraft field, Magick and the Art of Manifestation, for a small example. My thoughts are what is creating my reality. I KNOW this. This is true for every Human. And if that is so, am I, or should I, consciously believe myself to be a Spiritual Master? Wouldn’t that be my Ego talking again? Did Gandhi or Buddha consciously think themselves a Master? It’s like asking the question, “was Jesus a Christian?” I think they were just Being their Divine and Authentic Self.

Being a Shaman Witch does have its advantages. It allows me to have an ‘edge’ over other people, in that I ask myself the tough questions like this, and explore the possibilities of my eternal Self, while most mundane Humans are still sleep walking and never even consider themselves greater than the normal every day existence. And in today’s society, the ones who do think and call themselves experts and Masters are living a phony lie, in order to feed their emotional Egos, and coincidentally their pocketbooks. Let’s face it, how many Reiki Masters can there be?! And I have had several Reiki treatments in my time, with little or no results.

So, I backed away from the idea of myself being a Master of any kind, and just wrote down what I am doing in this moment. Instinctively, and intellectually, I know I have much more work to do. I may never achieve being a Master in this lifetime. It may take many lifetimes to even come close to achieving anything close to that. But there is one thing that I am sure of. I am walking the Spiritual Master’s Path. Where it might lead me is anyone’s guess. But after I have concurred my Self, I will be able to know the Way.

In Love and Light,

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Through The Portal On Halloween

Shaman Witch 138

The Portals are all around us, within us and through us. We are an infinite Spirit within a finite body. Allow this physical garb Not to be a hindrance to focusing upon your Higher Inner Self and your Earthy endevours, ALL THE TIME! We are truely “the magick” ,we, with our Intention and Deliberate Thoughts, cause our inner Most Desires to come into Manifestation. You see it, feel it, and become it. Your Visualization (Vision) and Clear Sight are made keen, and conscious. And when you are finished with your Intent, Conjurations and Incantations, you gather up from the earth and The Universe Pure Positive Energy , embibe it and SET your Intention and Words and Gestures and project them out into the Portal of the Universal Void and Vortex and the Source.

And when you have directed your Complete and Full Energy out into the Vortex  Portal, you must Let It Go, with Love and Hope and Joy. Recognise that you have done the work and caused something to happen, in your Life. It’s Important. It’s Vital. It’s Real. You know it is happening NOW and you are NOW in Happy Expectation of the desire beeing here now. But Let It Go. Completely Now.      It is done.

Allow the Energy to go it’s way. Have Total Gratitude for the Energy and the Courage and Faith of Yoursel and all around you. You are NOW a magnet for that Desire. Be OPEN to Recieve. Recieve. Recieve. Look for signs all around you as evidence of your Magick working and your Recieving. Oppertunities, People, Events, and Action. all are rushing your Desire to you NOW. Be Thankful. Be Grateful, Be Happy.

Blessed Halloween 2014. Enjoy your day!!!

Love ,