Rev, Gary C. Herron, MM aka Sige’
317 W. Main St.; PO Box 102
New Straitsville, Ohio 43766
Ph # 740 605 2191
e–mail: shaman2020@aol.com
web: www.shamanwitch.com

Skills and Services

Wicca High Priest – 35 + yrs of service to the Earth based religion of Wicca. Coven member of the Temple of Wicca for 30 yrs. I am a licensed minister in the State of Ohio, and able to solemnize legal marriages, traditional Wiccan Handfastings and Handpartings, Infant Blessings, Funeral Rites, Hospital Visitations, and Clergy Advisor .

Master of Metaphysics – Trained from 2000 to 2008 by the University of Metaphysical Sciences, and accredited online course of study , out of Northern Calf. I have studied all aspects of Metaphysics and related Sciences, Comparative Religions, Psychological / Self Examination Methods, and Spiritual Consciousness. I achieved a Bachelors and Masters degree with the Thesis, the Art of Scrying.

Spell Casting – I am trained in the sacred art of spell casting, and able to teach the client how to empower themselves, with my help, to bring about positive change and achievement of anything they truly desire. I create a Custom Spell tailored for the clients needs, educate and lead them in Ceremony to begin the Magickal process, and counsel them until the goal is obtained .

Spiritual Counseling – I have been trained by the Temple of Wicca/Ohio and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. I use various counseling and psychological methods learned from my Wicca and Shamanic studies, as well as methods learned from the works of Abraham Maslow and I.G..Guerjeff, to help clients get to a place of Peace and Balance in their lives. I focus on the whole Body, Mind and Spirit of the client, and continue to check on their progress long after counseling sessions are complete. I am also proficient in Hypnosis, and can alive negative habits and traits such as Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Stress Reduction and Much more..

Shaman- 10+ yrs walking the Spiritual path of Sacred Earth Warrior, in conjunction with my Wicca training. I am Self taught from many books and also learned the practical application of Toltec Spirituality. I use various techniques to alter my consciousness to look within a client on many levels of perception , to get to the root cause of their suffering and dis-ease. I am also able to preform Sacred Spiritual Journey’s in Nature, Past Life Regressions, and Energy clearings and cleansing of the Human body, special areas and residences.

Tarot Card Reader – I began fortune telling with cards at a very young age, and remember reading for other students in high school. I use the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck to divine Past, Present, and Future in a reading, telling the story in the cards that the client has shuffled into the card layout, from the vibrations emanating from their hands and Spirit. Using my Clairvoyance and Intuition, I look at the cards closely, in conjunction with the adjoining cards in the layout to inform and enlighten the client as to what has happened, is occurring and indications of Future to come. I look at colors, objects in the cards and numbers to pinpoint the timing of events, and get a clear understanding of what the client is dealing with in their life and advise them on their continued journey.

Crystal Ball Reader / Scryer – I began using this method of divination many years ago, bu only in the past 2 years have I focused intently on the Crystal Ball. I allow myself to go into a trance state of mind when I am with a client, and per their questions, I ‘See’ within the ball, images, symbols and reflections ,as well as messages received from my Higher Self and Spirit Guides, in order to answer questions and inquiry accurately.

Energy Healing/ Energy Work- 10+ yrs. experience. I started out working with the methods of Robert Bruce and various authors, in order to heal clients physical , emotional and mental maladies. I also practice the healing art of Qi (Life Energy) Gong( Work) (pronounced, ‘Chee GUNG’) an ancient Chinese method of restoring Balance , Healing and Energy to the Human body. I use the Qi Gong methods of Ken Cohen and Master Zhongxian Wu. (Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qi Gong).

Metaphysical Speaking/Teacher – I combine virtually All of the metaphysical education that I have obtained in my Lifetime from many sources ,to form specific classes and lectures about Occult, Metaphysical, Psychological, and Life Studies, to present informative, educational and often inspiring classes to to the public, to enhance their knowledge of arcane subjects.

Artist – I am a Lifelong creator of hand crafted Staffs, Walking Sticks, and Wands with a mystical and abstract flavor. I also paint paintings of all varieties, wood burning art, medallions, amulets, and wire wrap exotic items ,also with the abstract flair.

List of Services Pricing:

* Tarot Card Readings – Mini readings- $30.00
Regular readings – $50.00
Large Reading – $75.00
Readings done in Residence (Yours or mine), E-mail, Phone or Skype.
Cash, Check or Paypal accepted. Special Rates for Groups and Parties.

* Scrying / Crystal Gazing – $50.00 per session.
* Combination Tarot / Crystal Readings – $50.00 per session

* Spiritual Counseling –  $50.00 per session.

*Shamanic Energy Healing / Qi Gong – $50.00 per session

*Metaphysical Speaking / Teaching – $75.00 per Class/Lecture

* Hypnosis- $50.00 per session

* Shamanic Work (Journeys in Nature, Past Life Regressions, Human, House and Area Cleansing) – $100.00

* Licensed Wicca Minister (Marriages, Funeral Rites, Infant Blessings,etc.) – $50.00 + expenses.

* Artistic Works – Custom Artwork- Prices vary