List of Services

Sige' 009Greetings and Welcome!  I am Rev. Gary C. Herron;MM , aka  “Sige’-Jen I”. I am a Shaman Witch with over 30 years of Occult and Metaphysical experience. I have a Masters Degree in Metaphysics. I am here to serve the Universal community with my unique set of talents as a Wicca High Priest and Shaman, Tarot Card Reader, Energy Worker, Crystal Scryer, Spiritual Counselor, and Artist. My services are listed below and available by appointment.

Please check out my Blog Page, and my other pages for specials and photos.

Thank -You in advance, and Blessed Be,


witch of the future

Tarot Card Readings-  $30.00 per 15 min

                                              $50.00 per 30 min.

                                          –  $75.00 for Large Reading (60 min.+)

Metaphysical Speaking/ Teaching-  $75.00 per Class/Lecture

Spiritual Counseling- $30.00 per 1 hr sessions. 

Scrying (Crystal Gazing)-  $50.00 per session

Energy Work/Healing-  $50.00 per session

Licensed Minister (Wicca/Ohio)- Able to solemnize marriages, funeral rites, infant blessings,house and area cleanings and more-  Expenses Only

Shamanic Journey’s in Nature-  $100.00

Spellcasting- Custom spells made to order,for your particular requests(Love, Romance, Money, Business, Success,etc.)- price negotiable

Custom Made Walking Sticks, Wands, Conjure Sticks, Amulets, Medallions, Artwork of various kinds.

For all orders and correspondence: Contact Rev. Gary C. Herron  aka


“Sige-Jen I” at   or  1- 740-605-2191

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