Through The Portal On Halloween

Shaman Witch 138

The Portals are all around us, within us and through us. We are an infinite Spirit within a finite body. Allow this physical garb Not to be a hindrance to focusing upon your Higher Inner Self and your Earthy endevours, ALL THE TIME! We are truely “the magick” ,we, with our Intention and Deliberate Thoughts, cause our inner Most Desires to come into Manifestation. You see it, feel it, and become it. Your Visualization (Vision) and Clear Sight are made keen, and conscious. And when you are finished with your Intent, Conjurations and Incantations, you gather up from the earth and The Universe Pure Positive Energy , embibe it and SET your Intention and Words and Gestures and project them out into the Portal of the Universal Void and Vortex and the Source.

And when you have directed your Complete and Full Energy out into the Vortex  Portal, you must Let It Go, with Love and Hope and Joy. Recognise that you have done the work and caused something to happen, in your Life. It’s Important. It’s Vital. It’s Real. You know it is happening NOW and you are NOW in Happy Expectation of the desire beeing here now. But Let It Go. Completely Now.      It is done.

Allow the Energy to go it’s way. Have Total Gratitude for the Energy and the Courage and Faith of Yoursel and all around you. You are NOW a magnet for that Desire. Be OPEN to Recieve. Recieve. Recieve. Look for signs all around you as evidence of your Magick working and your Recieving. Oppertunities, People, Events, and Action. all are rushing your Desire to you NOW. Be Thankful. Be Grateful, Be Happy.

Blessed Halloween 2014. Enjoy your day!!!

Love ,


My Most Important Decision

We all know that we have fears. I certainly do, because ,like you, we are all Human. For litterally thousands of years it has been engrained deep inside our DNA structure. The cave dwellers called our Ancestors, started it all, with the fear of lightning and thunder, wind, storms, and wild animals, just to name a few. But the intersting thing about all this accumulated fear over the millenia is that ,dispite it all, we are still here. The Human Race hasn’t diminished. It’s vertually thrived! World populations are exceeding comfortable limits. Why?

I feel that even though fear is a learned behavior, we need that fear to survive. To grow. To flourish. To acknowledge ourselves as Human Beings. To Wake Up. To push us onward toward our Greatest Self. If that is true, then is fear the making of the Creator? Did he/she instill that emotion in us ,on purpose, and not the ‘learned behavior’ we think it is? While at first glance, fear appears as a Negative emotion that one must ‘avoid’ in order to be strong and not appear weak in the World. But I think the real message behind the subject is that, we ‘push through’ fear and become stronger in the face of it. For the simple Effort of it. We need to become afraid to make us reach our full potential. With our backs up against the wall, we make our stands, each according to our beliefs and values, and take on the challenge of courage in the Life adventure.

So, my most important decision, at this stage of my life is to NOT settle for a “Ho Hum” Life, and pull myself up by my “Big Boy Shorts”, and Believe and Achieve, just like my Ancestor did, who taught me the Way. I decide what my Soul needs and it needs to feel the growth inherent in each and every one of us. FEAR = Faulse Evidence Appearing Real. My Reality is created by My thoughts and feelings. I CHOOSE to look fear in the eyes and say,’bring it’. ( In the end, you are going to make me stronger………. ha  ha    Sige' 1;’)

My Biggest Lesson

My Biggest Lesson.

My Biggest Lesson

4463605_f260Scry Yesterday, I had a question come into my mind, that I thought about it all day, and well into the evening. The question was “What is the Biggest Lesson I have learned in my Life?’ It threw my head in a tizzy. I decided to sleep on it, (and my Nuummite and Crystal Ball) and perhaps a dream, or some other inspiration would come to me during the night, I invoked. When I awoke, I had found my answer. It may surprise you in it’s simplicity, but there are a lot of people out there who are sleepwalking through Life, and never even consider asking questions about themselves, or searching for the answers to what there lot in Life is. Because of who I am, (A Shaman Witch), I tend to be under self examination, always, and it didn’t surprise me that I would ask and answer the question at all.  But before I tell you my answer, please indulge my digression a bit and all will be revealed shortly.

Three weeks ago, I lost my job as a Groundskeeper of 17 years. I was working at a corporate office of a industrial cleaning company in Central Ohio. While I dearly loved the job itself, of mowing grass, trimming trees and bushes, and weeding, and all the other things that come under the heading of “Landscaping”, the corporate atmosphere was petty and for the most part nauseating. There were times when I shook my head in disbelief at the foolishness and ridiculousness that went on in order to appease the ‘higher ups”. Because of my years there and the change of management over the years, I had maxxed out on any Future pay raises, and I am 60 years old, and because I am a Witch and very non conformist in nature, and always had been ,they tried to make it hard on me by adding other assignments to my work load in hopes that I would get mad and quit, thus leaving the door open for a younger person to take over at a lower rate of pay. Someone they could control, as they couldn’t control me. 

But I didn’t quit. I stuck it out there for probably longer than I should have, and in the past few years I learned the Life lesson of Surrender. Just “Letting Go”, and letting the Universe unfold for me. The stress was still there from trying to constantly run,run,run,  for them, and back and forth for two hours of every day commuting,but I became a nicer and happier person along the way, where I was an angry man all those years before. 

Besides lessons that I was learning in the corporate atmosphere, I was trying to establish a Metaphysical career throughout the years I was there. I am a Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Card Reader, public speaker and more. I finished my Witchcraft Training and became a Wicca High Priest, and went to a on-line Metaphysical College, and earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree’s in Metaphysics. And I also kept up the “1880’s”, 14 room bed and breakfast style house I am living in still today. Also, I went through a couple of Heart related hospital issues in the past 5 years, so the warning signs of stress were all there. The letting go was only working, in part. I believe I was still harboring a lot of anger ,resentment, and anxiety, while putting on a pretty,smiling face.

I’m telling you all the high points of the past 17 years, and you can probably fill in the blank spots with a moments consideration. There is a reason I am telling this at all. That is, that I haven’t been idle. I HAVE Worked and Worked, and Worked, and at age 60, I don’t mind telling you all, I was getting a little tired! Geezzze!! My Life seemed to be slipping away, and all I have ever done is focus on the place I worked at, and I detested that place and most of the people, and I don’t think they liked me either. Seriously, My Energy and Focus were all wrong, for years!

So, it was a combination of Self Presevation and Self Sabotage that got me fired from the job. In 17 years I have only been issued a Random Drug Screen three times and on the forth time, I got caught. I hires into the place without a Drug Screen! I smoked a little while I was at the work bench at home working on art projects. (Notice the word, WORK, again?)  From the time I peed in the cup to the time I was escorted to the front gate of the corporate property was only Fifteen Minutes!!! Can you say, “I was targeted?” Now, I will admit, that I have always been a weed smoker, but I don’t do it every day, and I have never done it at work. You will probably think I am trying to justify my actions, and you may be right to an extent, but sometimes you just need to relax, and I do it with pot. I don’t drink. I don’t like it. I don’t run around foolishly and spend money, and gamble, or chase women, I’m not a career criminal, nor have I ever been in serious trouble with the law. To most, I’m a model citizen. I am a VERY Spiritual person.

So, there is my tale ,in the most part, of the past 17 years. And the answer to the question, “What is the biggest lesson I have learned in my Life?” I believe that it is,

“We Create Our Own Reality”.

Some of you will say”Well,Duh!!!”, and you will be right to think that way, but seriously, how often do you intentionally create your way in Life. How often to you say and do what you desire most?  Your Love. Your Passion. I will tell you this from my experience, don’t wait to follow your dreams. If you want something, then ,if it’s in your Mind, it’s half way there to being yours. Go the extra mile and don’t tread water like I did for 17 years. Don’t WORK your way through Life  and never scratch the record of “Learned Behavior” and make your mark in the Universe. My intention now is to BE the Shaman Witch/Metaphysical Master I SO long to BE.

Now, I will shortly be 61 years old,and have drug violation on my work record. Jobs with open arms might be scarce. I admit that I am concerned about cash flow coming into the house, but worry and guilt and shame are pure negativity, and I surely connot afford that now. What I can afford now is, the lesson,

“We Create Our Own Reality” —-Let’s see what I do with this…….

Until next time,

Blessed be,