Crystal Readings from Sige’



Saturday, July 23, 2016

A dark robed woman beckons the ‘way’ with her ideas and plans. This will impact the Future in a deep ,yet, dividing way. Clear sight is the Key.  Q: will she have ‘sight’?


Crystal Readings from Sige’


Starting Today , July 22, 2016, I will be delivering short Daily Crystal Messages to the World. If you have any questions, please send them along and I will gaze into the Crystal Ball for you and see what is Beyond Beyond for the Future.

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Today’s Reading- When I look into the crystal today, I see a whale of a fish swimming down in the deep water, with blood on its dorsal fin. Behind is the crescent Moon waxing and Venus way in the back ground. My thoughts are a Whopper of an event affecting the ocean’s waters will cause havoc, and possibly worse, buy the first quarter of the next waxing Moon.(Aug.10, 2016). There IS a solution………….and it will come in ‘waves’…….

Sun Sign Leo Special




Beginning today, July 22, 2016 until August 22, 2016,

All Tarot / Crystal Ball readings in my Home Shop (Magickal Unicorn Manor)

or by Phone, are $10.00 off for a full reading ($40.00)


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SUN in LEO — hocuspocus13

The Sun in Leo is fixed as Fire like a roaring Bonfire It is time to Shine like the Star you are Become Fierce Extremely Brave Let Courage lead your way 🌞 The Sun enters Leo 22nd of July at 5:30a Eastern Time 🌞 We will be entering a good time some fun lovin’ time […]

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A Shaman Witch will ask you to point to your Self. How interesting that you would point to that area of your body, rather than your head.