Right Use Of Power

witch of the futureA long time ago, I was told on a couple of occasions by various fortune tellers and divination specialists , that in a past life, I abused POWER. I had “tricky” little business deals with other people’s money. I was the type of person the neighborhood was happy to see leave. I was the person who was unkind, devious, underhanded, unscrupulous, and manipulative, not to mention perverse, unethical and egotistical. Whew!

That’s a tall list for anybody, in any lifetime or many lifetimes!!!

In this lifetime, having an edge with Witchcraft, Introspection, Being Aware enough to realize that ,that was me then, and how important it is for me to remember the way I was and correct the mistakes of the past, Now. I have been working on this for all of my years. I am not the monster that I was then, but like most people, I have my faults and internal negativity and “dark side”. We all have some kind of “skeletons in our closet”, so to speak. My suspicion is that you have some work to do with this also.

This challenge of not abusing power has come to the forefront in my life ,lately, and I recently started to dig a little deeper into the subject. It came to me that in order to make amends to my past and enlighten others about my plight and help in their quests for Right Action in their lives. I believe that understanding our Personal Power is essential.. It came to me that in order to make amends to my past and enlighten others about my plight and help in their quests for Right Action in their lives. I believe that understanding our Personal Power is essential.

Power as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary is

a (1): ability to act or produce an effect (2): ability to get extra-base hits (3): capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect
b: legal or official authority, capacity, or right
a: possession of control, authority, or influence over others
b: one having such power; specifically: a sovereign state
c: a controlling group : establishment —often used in the phrase the powers that be
darchaic: a force of armed men
echiefly dialect: a large number or quantity
a: physical might
b: mental or moral efficacy
c: political control or influence
Etc., Etc., Etc. (To the 100th Power…)

That’s all well and good but I’m referring to is the Personal Power we all have. What are we made up of in our Bodies, Minds, and Spirits? How do our choices about ourselves and other’s affect the Universe? How do we think? Deliberately, on purpose or by default? It is said the we have enough power and energy within us to light up a whole cities for days. If that is so, then we owe it to ourselves to be a Positive force in our Universe, in EVERYTHING WE DO, and not a Negative one. (Although Negativity is a part of our Universe, too. It‘s the Contrasting element to decide upon.)

If everything in the Universe is Energy, from the tiniest to the mightiest, than everything counts. Our words, beliefs, actions, attitudes, thoughts and opinions etc., all count. Everything Counts! The Vibration’s we send out from ourselves affects the entire Universe. Talk about Power!!!

So, why is it so hard for us to be Good all of the time. How is it that most of us are our own worst enemies and stand in our own way from the Love, Light , Abundance, and more, that we so desperately, and richly deserve? Why are we so hard on ourselves. Do we not care and Love ourselves enough to use Power constructively instead of destructively? As one Law of Attraction speaker once said, “Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to change”? And , How?

Here is what I discovered. It takes Practice. A Lot of Practice! And Patience. And you have to be Ruthless in your Consistency of Practice. Calm in your Patience. You have to WANT to change for the better, and affect Positive Vibrations everywhere you go, at any time, to any person, and most of all, to yourself. It’s a matter of Being the person that you really want to be, a better person, and not stopping or allowing your smaller Self (Ego) to take over and side track your efforts. It’s about being a Light unto yourself and the World around you. The cure for Procrastination is Action. The cure from Fear and Doubt, is Love. Embrace you Fear’s with Love. The key to Ignorance is Knowledge. The key to Sickness is Well Being. The key for Loneliness is Right Relations. The cure for Powerlessness or Misuse of Power, is Awareness and Intentional Positive Energy . What and How do you desire to become more of ? Good? Bad? Light? Dark? Something in between? Positive or Negative, it’s a Choice. Do the right thing for your Soul growth and Spirit. I AM.

It’s as easy as breathing when you Practice it for even a little while.

Warmest Regards,
“Sige-Jen I”

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Get To Know Me!

Greetings Everyone!

A few weeks ago, a nice lady that I know did a Psychic Reading for me. It was a great reading and very profound. I learnd a lot from it. One of the things tha she said to me was that she knew me, but didn’t really KNOW me, and what I did. As we were speaking about career choices, I got to thinking about that, and wondered how many other people out there knew of me, but really didn’t KNOW me, and what I was all about. So, this is an attempt to “come clean” with you all, and expose who I really am.

So, I guess I will start with the common stuff first. I am 59 yers old, and married to Samantha. and live in New Straitsville, Ohio, which is about 60 miles South East of Columbus, Ohio. I am origionally from the Youngstown, Ohio area. We don’t have any children, but have a very nice Main Coon Cat, named Xena. She’s a JOY! We wanted to live out in the country, and although our 14 room house in within the town limits, we are pretty much in Wayne National Forest. The 24 room house is a “Fixer Upper”, forever, but a lovely 1880’s Bed & Breakfast style, looking house. It’s really beautiful living out here. There is so much Nature all around us. Birds, animals, and greenery abounds! We have lived here for almost 20 years and love it.

I am currently employed by an industrial cleaning company, about 42 miles from where I live, and it is their corporate office that I am Groundkeepr of. I take care of the grass cutting, and landscaping of all sorts. I love the work, but have many issues with the corporate attitude of the people there. They drive me nut’s!

Now, most people don’t know that I am a Witch. Actually a Wicca High Priest.It took me over 14 years to get to that point, and I still am learning. I have always been a Witch and know that ,in a past life, I was one. Although I came into this life as a Witch, I have traveled the Path, in this life, for over 30 years now, with some serious study, Self examination and empowerment, and introspection along the way.I struggle to be authentic in this, and not be too swept up in ‘mundane” concerns. We cal our coven “One Spirit” of the Temple of Wicca. Samantha is my High Priestess and Elder.

As I was finishing up my Wicca studies, a funny thing happened. I was introduced to Shamanism. Not through books, although that came later, but through Nature itself. Animals and Birds like Snake, Cat, Crow and Hawk, started showing up in the physical, to me. And I heard their messages, telling me to follow. I did, and began studying all the various forms of Shamanism. From Native American to Chinese,to Toltec, to Back Yard Shamanism. I am really a Back Yard Shaman, as I work in the surrounding area,Use the tools nature provides, and a 14 ft. Circle in my back yard.

So, now I call myself a “Shaman Witch”.

Also, I have studied at the University of Metaphysical Sciences, and am currently working on my Master’s Degree. I’ve been at this Too long(Procrastination again…), but have learn a great deal, and am now exploring avanues to teach what I have learned and experienced.

I enjoy working on my career as a Licensed Minister (Wicca/Ohio), Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Card Reader, Scryer (Crystal Gazing and MORE) , Metaphysical Speaker/Teacher, Energy Worker/Healer, and Artist of Walking Sticks and Wands and Medallions and Amulets, and More.

Like most people, I struggle with procrastination and ego issues.I live too much in my head, and not my heart sometimes. I get angry sometimes, and it’s my own worst enemy. Through things like meditation, I have learned to calm down quite a bit over the years. I am Bisexual, but really don’t enjoy the company of men very much. Most that I have met act very immature for my taste. I enjoy women far better and have a better repore with them. I think the bisexuality was a “phase” in needed to go through, in order for me to balance out my personal Masculine/Feminine energies. And, I use that in my Spiritual Counseling sessions when needed. I especially am interested in helping women, and their issues, and empowering them to be their strongest self.

I have addictions,but have them Way under control. I used to be a pot smoker and cigetate smoker, but really don’t have the time and inclination for it any more, as I am too busy being authentic, like I mentioned. I figure that in order to be a good Shaman Witch, I didn’t need that kind of negativity within me. I learned that if you are a drug user, you are not on the Path. I want to stay on the Path!!

I am a deep thinker, and am always exploring the many aspects of my Inner Self. I enjoy subjects like Universal Laws (Law of Attraction, Law of Cause and Effect, etc. etc.), Hypnosis, Qi Gong Energy Work, Positive Earth Magick, Meditation, and MUCH MORE. I am also considering and persueing ,Strongly , a writing career, as well.

So, now you all know a bit more about me. I am open to your questions and inquiries, about myself., and am availabel 24/7.

Many Good Blessings,
Rev. Gary C. Herron aka “Sige-Jen I”


528548_482413571789383_9633885_n1.jpgIn Wicca , Sorcery and Shamanism, the Incantation is crucial to the Sorcerers Intent. Having, Doing or Being is our natural proclivity. Use It!!!  In working Magick, (the art of causing change to occur in accordance with the Will)  one of the more prevalent tools, the Incantation, is the creating of an effective set of words and gestures to create the proper effect. Let me explain……

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Incantation, as “a use of verbal charms spoken or sung (Hebrew – Cantor), as a part of a ritual of magic. Also, a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect.” This is a pretty accurate definition of the subject, but with a few things left out, that are known only to magickal or knowledged people.

When a person wants to create something in their life, they have an emotional involvement or investment in the thing that they wish to see happen. Like a new lover, or an accumilation of more money, or a more prosperous career, or even a new car. The subject is ,of coarse up to the individual. But that individual has feelings about the wish, more than anyone else. That is why Witches are reluctant to work spells and conjurations for another person. They don’t have the interest or desire that the reciever naturally has. Also, there is the subject of Karma involved as well, but that is another issue to be discussed at a later time.

A Spell, by the way, is a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power. It is also a state of enchantment (chant), and a strong compelling influence or attraction. (The Law Of Attraction states, “That which is like unto itself, is drawn” or plainly stated ,”Like Attracts Like”). A Conjuration is to summon to come forth by or as if by Invocation (calling in), or Incantation. The definations are mainly the same, but with slight variations in their intent and meaning, in the case that you may be wondering what the differance was. This is not an affirmation, which are words spoken by rote, over and over, with no physiology or feeling behind them.

So, as I mentioned before, an emotional envolvement in the Incantantation is supremly important to the manifestation of that which is desired. You must be emotionally “Charged”, in order to affect the results that you want. When your heart is passionate for the manifestation, it simply just comes about. Just by the mear thought of what is wanted, is enough to start the ball rolling toward your request. In order to speed up the process, and make it quite realizeable, some added actions and inflections of the voice are required. Such as, when delivering the Incantation, the action of physicality is of utmost importance. Physically, you must gesture with your arms and body movements to empathize the wish. Let’s face it, we reside within a physical body, so body movement is putting the whole of your being into the spell. It simply raises your vibration, more and more. Don’t be afraid to inflect each word or syllable with quick and pronounced jerk and movements of your body. After all, you are all alone within your sacred space (as you should be for any Magikal Workings), so who will see you or know? Really get into the actions. If you have the need to dance, then dance the desire into reality!

Another aspect to consider is vioce inflection. The human voice can be transmitted at a variety of vibrational sound ranges. In the Incantation, it should be just short of shouting, and meaningful in it’s deliverance. An example would be, “I KNOW all is well with me!” or “I AM abundant” or even, ” EVERYTHING Good is NOW HERE for ME!”. You must have the intensity of Spirit and Voice to let the Power’s That Be (God/dess, Creator, Source, “The ALL that Is”), Know you are focused and serious. Don’t be afraid to demand the infinite intelligence work with you to obtain your desires. It is your birthright after all, right?

And finally, the thoughts that you think are super important, too. You must picture or visualize the outcome of your desire. Experience the end product in your minds eye. SEE yourself there. See yourself driving that new car. See you hands on the stering wheel, feel the wind in your hair, smell that new car smell, etc. You must SEE yourself with your new lover and how she/he might appear and act. Be careful not to get too excited , however, as you may distract yourself from the results that you want.

Now, I will give you a short Incantation, as an example of how it should be written to be spoken. There is no set formula as far as wording, as long as it resonates with you and is positive in nature. It can rhyme or not. It can be a physical sign known only by you (I already mentioned Dance), or it can be long or short, but it must be meaningfull to you, and with Focused Intent.

Example ::: “I ask and intend to connect to Source and the energy of my Divine Creator NOW!”

                        “I ask and intend to bring this Source Energy through my physical body and in this physical space!”

                       “I ask and intend to fee the energy of Source fill my entire being NOW!”

                       “I ask and intend the energy of Source restore my well being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, NOW!”

I hope you enjoyed this article, and you try this formula in your Earth Walk. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or follow this blog for further articles about Magick.

Blessed Be,  Rev, Gary C. Herron  (Sige-Jen I)