528548_482413571789383_9633885_n1.jpgIn Wicca , Sorcery and Shamanism, the Incantation is crucial to the Sorcerers Intent. Having, Doing or Being is our natural proclivity. Use It!!!  In working Magick, (the art of causing change to occur in accordance with the Will)  one of the more prevalent tools, the Incantation, is the creating of an effective set of words and gestures to create the proper effect. Let me explain……

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Incantation, as “a use of verbal charms spoken or sung (Hebrew – Cantor), as a part of a ritual of magic. Also, a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect.” This is a pretty accurate definition of the subject, but with a few things left out, that are known only to magickal or knowledged people.

When a person wants to create something in their life, they have an emotional involvement or investment in the thing that they wish to see happen. Like a new lover, or an accumilation of more money, or a more prosperous career, or even a new car. The subject is ,of coarse up to the individual. But that individual has feelings about the wish, more than anyone else. That is why Witches are reluctant to work spells and conjurations for another person. They don’t have the interest or desire that the reciever naturally has. Also, there is the subject of Karma involved as well, but that is another issue to be discussed at a later time.

A Spell, by the way, is a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power. It is also a state of enchantment (chant), and a strong compelling influence or attraction. (The Law Of Attraction states, “That which is like unto itself, is drawn” or plainly stated ,”Like Attracts Like”). A Conjuration is to summon to come forth by or as if by Invocation (calling in), or Incantation. The definations are mainly the same, but with slight variations in their intent and meaning, in the case that you may be wondering what the differance was. This is not an affirmation, which are words spoken by rote, over and over, with no physiology or feeling behind them.

So, as I mentioned before, an emotional envolvement in the Incantantation is supremly important to the manifestation of that which is desired. You must be emotionally “Charged”, in order to affect the results that you want. When your heart is passionate for the manifestation, it simply just comes about. Just by the mear thought of what is wanted, is enough to start the ball rolling toward your request. In order to speed up the process, and make it quite realizeable, some added actions and inflections of the voice are required. Such as, when delivering the Incantation, the action of physicality is of utmost importance. Physically, you must gesture with your arms and body movements to empathize the wish. Let’s face it, we reside within a physical body, so body movement is putting the whole of your being into the spell. It simply raises your vibration, more and more. Don’t be afraid to inflect each word or syllable with quick and pronounced jerk and movements of your body. After all, you are all alone within your sacred space (as you should be for any Magikal Workings), so who will see you or know? Really get into the actions. If you have the need to dance, then dance the desire into reality!

Another aspect to consider is vioce inflection. The human voice can be transmitted at a variety of vibrational sound ranges. In the Incantation, it should be just short of shouting, and meaningful in it’s deliverance. An example would be, “I KNOW all is well with me!” or “I AM abundant” or even, ” EVERYTHING Good is NOW HERE for ME!”. You must have the intensity of Spirit and Voice to let the Power’s That Be (God/dess, Creator, Source, “The ALL that Is”), Know you are focused and serious. Don’t be afraid to demand the infinite intelligence work with you to obtain your desires. It is your birthright after all, right?

And finally, the thoughts that you think are super important, too. You must picture or visualize the outcome of your desire. Experience the end product in your minds eye. SEE yourself there. See yourself driving that new car. See you hands on the stering wheel, feel the wind in your hair, smell that new car smell, etc. You must SEE yourself with your new lover and how she/he might appear and act. Be careful not to get too excited , however, as you may distract yourself from the results that you want.

Now, I will give you a short Incantation, as an example of how it should be written to be spoken. There is no set formula as far as wording, as long as it resonates with you and is positive in nature. It can rhyme or not. It can be a physical sign known only by you (I already mentioned Dance), or it can be long or short, but it must be meaningfull to you, and with Focused Intent.

Example ::: “I ask and intend to connect to Source and the energy of my Divine Creator NOW!”

                        “I ask and intend to bring this Source Energy through my physical body and in this physical space!”

                       “I ask and intend to fee the energy of Source fill my entire being NOW!”

                       “I ask and intend the energy of Source restore my well being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, NOW!”

I hope you enjoyed this article, and you try this formula in your Earth Walk. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or follow this blog for further articles about Magick.

Blessed Be,  Rev, Gary C. Herron  (Sige-Jen I)