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Hi Everyone! I am announcing a new SURVEY!!

Enter to Win a Free Reading or Service – I was really humbled and gratified by the response from Facebook friends near and far when I announced earlier this year that I was considering closing the FB Shaman-Witch Group page. Your expressions of support convinced me to keep the page up and renewed my spirit. I have put together a short SURVEY to better understand how I should focus my work to serve you better. You can read more about me at::

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Shamanic Discovery Survey

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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Hire a Halloween Witch!!!!

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Bright Blessings One and All !!!

Rev. Gary C. Herron, MM  aka “Sige’ ” -Shaman Witch , ,Wicca High Priest Tarot and Crystal Ball Reader, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Spell Caster, Writer and Artist,

Now taking appointments for one on one readings, parties, and events for the Halloween season. Specials Affordable Rates. ( $10- $20- $30 readings)

Professional and Fun Readings for everyone!

Please call Sige’ at –740 605 2191 or e-mail– for more information and pricing.

Pass the word and HURRY before the calendar fills up!!!!

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Crystal Readings from Sige’


Monday ,September 5, 2016 – Monday ,September, 12, 2016– The ball is before me in semi darkness as the Sun goes down. A candle is behind me. This twilight reveals many people in groups talking fast. Pointing. Even the face of darkness is standing on its head. There is a report of other worldly creatures and machines , in a mountain range to the north Americas. Confusion turns into spectacle in the old city. A Boot in water.I feel the spirits are with me tonight. They look straight at me from within the Crystal. Look for the Balance Point, for guidance. It sounds like a  a cliche, but a voice says, ‘Keep your thoughts of a higher vibration ,foremost in your minds.”. All will turn out well.



Crystal Readings from Sige’


For Monday, August 29, 2016 —  The Crystal is always on the desk beside my computer, and rarely speaks to me, but tonight it is. In the center of the ball and radiating outward to about 3/4 of the ball, there is a mass of twisted and complex lines indicating tough times for focusing. Total and near chaos is the order of the day. Color and Heat. All eyes are on the changing landscape and the elite. Eyes looking back. Eyes ‘rolling’. Eyes of Hope. Eyes of dis-pare.

The silver lining is along the 3/4 mark and outward where the ball is crystal clear and silent. Depth is what I see ,meaning there will be a sudden clearing ahead. Watch the Watch for the indication of smoother times. — Sige’

Crystal Readings from Sige’



Sunday, August 7, 2016  to Sunday, August 14, 2016 —  Using the Larger Crystal Ball now and from now on, I see a large rainbow mass of color(s) in the upper right hemisphere of the ball, indicating a fair or festival or festival times approaching, and people having those kinds of activities prevalent.Each State is on display.

There is a mass of inclusions in the ball in the middle left side area that tells me the people are also getting ready for learning. Academic Pursuits. I see thinking on all levels , in many areas, and arenas coming soon. Back to school looms ahead. Underneath the way is clear in the crystal.

The bottom of the sphere is clear way down deep into the back ground., indicating airy travels. Swift pace in the multitudes before the Autumn Equinox, and back around to the color again with celebrations.

SO much color in the Fall. I am being told to tell, ‘Do Not Squander Your Time’.

Crystal Readings from Sige’


( Special Note: The Summer days are speeding by SO fast I can’t keep up!!! SO, I will be offering Crystal Readings from Sige’, each Sunday Morning from now on , and I will be using a bigger Crystal Ball to Scry in. I will see for the week ahead. Thank You all for your patience!!  LOVE & Blessed Be,  Sige’ )

Monday, July 1, 2016 & Tuesday, July 2, 2016 —  I see a lot of confusion surrounding a group of people who think their way is the only Way, and they ,in and among themselves put their Energy higher and first before others. The confusion lies in their leader, as he leads from his brain rather than his heart. You will see his face everywhere for a while…. and then nothing ,but more confusion.

Crystal Readings from Sige’



Saturday, July 30, 2016 — The ball shows a Continent. much like North America. It is receiving a buffering from energy flowing at it from the West. The Bering Straits have the most to loose. The LA area is Lit Up. All eyes are elsewhere. No one sees it but a few.

Crystal Readings from Sige’



Friday, July 29,2016 —- A long rugged road turning into steps, lights up the center of the ball and leading upwards to the top. A dark cloud of suspicion looms and hovers out ahead of the stairs. The platform is the only solid ground around.

Crystal Readings from Sige’



Tuesday, July 26, 2016 —  Hands are raised in knowledge and Light. Intellectual.What is felt, is askew.There will be a point of order that stands out. Hope for clarity. It comes in small whispers.

October 2015 Special !

Hello Everyone, from Shaman Witch !

I am announcing that I will be reducing my Tarot and Crystal Ball readings ,in my home or yours, or by Phone, one last time, for the month of October 2015, to only $35.00, for 30 min., for the whole month. This is in celebration of the Halloween season, and my retirement in January. 

I am also available for Halloween / Psychic Parties , Metaphysical Lectures, Shamanic Work and Energy Healing’s, at a reduced rate until Dec. 31, 2015.

Be sure to book your appointment NOW, to get in on the savings, before the price increase in 2016!

Call :  740-605-2191  anytime!

Warmest Love,