Through The Portal On Halloween

Shaman Witch 138

The Portals are all around us, within us and through us. We are an infinite Spirit within a finite body. Allow this physical garb Not to be a hindrance to focusing upon your Higher Inner Self and your Earthy endevours, ALL THE TIME! We are truely “the magick” ,we, with our Intention and Deliberate Thoughts, cause our inner Most Desires to come into Manifestation. You see it, feel it, and become it. Your Visualization (Vision) and Clear Sight are made keen, and conscious. And when you are finished with your Intent, Conjurations and Incantations, you gather up from the earth and The Universe Pure Positive Energy , embibe it and SET your Intention and Words and Gestures and project them out into the Portal of the Universal Void and Vortex and the Source.

And when you have directed your Complete and Full Energy out into the Vortex  Portal, you must Let It Go, with Love and Hope and Joy. Recognise that you have done the work and caused something to happen, in your Life. It’s Important. It’s Vital. It’s Real. You know it is happening NOW and you are NOW in Happy Expectation of the desire beeing here now. But Let It Go. Completely Now.      It is done.

Allow the Energy to go it’s way. Have Total Gratitude for the Energy and the Courage and Faith of Yoursel and all around you. You are NOW a magnet for that Desire. Be OPEN to Recieve. Recieve. Recieve. Look for signs all around you as evidence of your Magick working and your Recieving. Oppertunities, People, Events, and Action. all are rushing your Desire to you NOW. Be Thankful. Be Grateful, Be Happy.

Blessed Halloween 2014. Enjoy your day!!!

Love ,


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