My Most Important Decision

We all know that we have fears. I certainly do, because ,like you, we are all Human. For litterally thousands of years it has been engrained deep inside our DNA structure. The cave dwellers called our Ancestors, started it all, with the fear of lightning and thunder, wind, storms, and wild animals, just to name a few. But the intersting thing about all this accumulated fear over the millenia is that ,dispite it all, we are still here. The Human Race hasn’t diminished. It’s vertually thrived! World populations are exceeding comfortable limits. Why?

I feel that even though fear is a learned behavior, we need that fear to survive. To grow. To flourish. To acknowledge ourselves as Human Beings. To Wake Up. To push us onward toward our Greatest Self. If that is true, then is fear the making of the Creator? Did he/she instill that emotion in us ,on purpose, and not the ‘learned behavior’ we think it is? While at first glance, fear appears as a Negative emotion that one must ‘avoid’ in order to be strong and not appear weak in the World. But I think the real message behind the subject is that, we ‘push through’ fear and become stronger in the face of it. For the simple Effort of it. We need to become afraid to make us reach our full potential. With our backs up against the wall, we make our stands, each according to our beliefs and values, and take on the challenge of courage in the Life adventure.

So, my most important decision, at this stage of my life is to NOT settle for a “Ho Hum” Life, and pull myself up by my “Big Boy Shorts”, and Believe and Achieve, just like my Ancestor did, who taught me the Way. I decide what my Soul needs and it needs to feel the growth inherent in each and every one of us. FEAR = Faulse Evidence Appearing Real. My Reality is created by My thoughts and feelings. I CHOOSE to look fear in the eyes and say,’bring it’. ( In the end, you are going to make me stronger………. ha  ha    Sige' 1;’)

My Biggest Lesson

My Biggest Lesson.

My Biggest Lesson

4463605_f260Scry Yesterday, I had a question come into my mind, that I thought about it all day, and well into the evening. The question was “What is the Biggest Lesson I have learned in my Life?’ It threw my head in a tizzy. I decided to sleep on it, (and my Nuummite and Crystal Ball) and perhaps a dream, or some other inspiration would come to me during the night, I invoked. When I awoke, I had found my answer. It may surprise you in it’s simplicity, but there are a lot of people out there who are sleepwalking through Life, and never even consider asking questions about themselves, or searching for the answers to what there lot in Life is. Because of who I am, (A Shaman Witch), I tend to be under self examination, always, and it didn’t surprise me that I would ask and answer the question at all.  But before I tell you my answer, please indulge my digression a bit and all will be revealed shortly.

Three weeks ago, I lost my job as a Groundskeeper of 17 years. I was working at a corporate office of a industrial cleaning company in Central Ohio. While I dearly loved the job itself, of mowing grass, trimming trees and bushes, and weeding, and all the other things that come under the heading of “Landscaping”, the corporate atmosphere was petty and for the most part nauseating. There were times when I shook my head in disbelief at the foolishness and ridiculousness that went on in order to appease the ‘higher ups”. Because of my years there and the change of management over the years, I had maxxed out on any Future pay raises, and I am 60 years old, and because I am a Witch and very non conformist in nature, and always had been ,they tried to make it hard on me by adding other assignments to my work load in hopes that I would get mad and quit, thus leaving the door open for a younger person to take over at a lower rate of pay. Someone they could control, as they couldn’t control me. 

But I didn’t quit. I stuck it out there for probably longer than I should have, and in the past few years I learned the Life lesson of Surrender. Just “Letting Go”, and letting the Universe unfold for me. The stress was still there from trying to constantly run,run,run,  for them, and back and forth for two hours of every day commuting,but I became a nicer and happier person along the way, where I was an angry man all those years before. 

Besides lessons that I was learning in the corporate atmosphere, I was trying to establish a Metaphysical career throughout the years I was there. I am a Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Card Reader, public speaker and more. I finished my Witchcraft Training and became a Wicca High Priest, and went to a on-line Metaphysical College, and earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree’s in Metaphysics. And I also kept up the “1880’s”, 14 room bed and breakfast style house I am living in still today. Also, I went through a couple of Heart related hospital issues in the past 5 years, so the warning signs of stress were all there. The letting go was only working, in part. I believe I was still harboring a lot of anger ,resentment, and anxiety, while putting on a pretty,smiling face.

I’m telling you all the high points of the past 17 years, and you can probably fill in the blank spots with a moments consideration. There is a reason I am telling this at all. That is, that I haven’t been idle. I HAVE Worked and Worked, and Worked, and at age 60, I don’t mind telling you all, I was getting a little tired! Geezzze!! My Life seemed to be slipping away, and all I have ever done is focus on the place I worked at, and I detested that place and most of the people, and I don’t think they liked me either. Seriously, My Energy and Focus were all wrong, for years!

So, it was a combination of Self Presevation and Self Sabotage that got me fired from the job. In 17 years I have only been issued a Random Drug Screen three times and on the forth time, I got caught. I hires into the place without a Drug Screen! I smoked a little while I was at the work bench at home working on art projects. (Notice the word, WORK, again?)  From the time I peed in the cup to the time I was escorted to the front gate of the corporate property was only Fifteen Minutes!!! Can you say, “I was targeted?” Now, I will admit, that I have always been a weed smoker, but I don’t do it every day, and I have never done it at work. You will probably think I am trying to justify my actions, and you may be right to an extent, but sometimes you just need to relax, and I do it with pot. I don’t drink. I don’t like it. I don’t run around foolishly and spend money, and gamble, or chase women, I’m not a career criminal, nor have I ever been in serious trouble with the law. To most, I’m a model citizen. I am a VERY Spiritual person.

So, there is my tale ,in the most part, of the past 17 years. And the answer to the question, “What is the biggest lesson I have learned in my Life?” I believe that it is,

“We Create Our Own Reality”.

Some of you will say”Well,Duh!!!”, and you will be right to think that way, but seriously, how often do you intentionally create your way in Life. How often to you say and do what you desire most?  Your Love. Your Passion. I will tell you this from my experience, don’t wait to follow your dreams. If you want something, then ,if it’s in your Mind, it’s half way there to being yours. Go the extra mile and don’t tread water like I did for 17 years. Don’t WORK your way through Life  and never scratch the record of “Learned Behavior” and make your mark in the Universe. My intention now is to BE the Shaman Witch/Metaphysical Master I SO long to BE.

Now, I will shortly be 61 years old,and have drug violation on my work record. Jobs with open arms might be scarce. I admit that I am concerned about cash flow coming into the house, but worry and guilt and shame are pure negativity, and I surely connot afford that now. What I can afford now is, the lesson,

“We Create Our Own Reality” —-Let’s see what I do with this…….

Until next time,

Blessed be,



August 2014 Special

Greetings One and All !

I will be offering Tarot/Crystal Ball Readings this month at a special rate. Buy 2 readings at regular price ($80.00 total), and  get a 3rd one FREE. Or have a Party of 5 guests and I will read everyonr for $100. I will read a whole spread for you and check my new Crystal Ball for more information. The session will last approx 35-45 min.

Look for more specials in the coming months and MANY more Artistic Creations, as well.

Brightest Good Blessings,

Rev. Gary C. Herron  aka “Sige-Jen I”

Welcome to my new Web Site

Welcome to my new Web Site.

Welcome to my new Web Site

Hello, I am Rev. Gary C. Herron aka “Sige-Jen I”. I am announcing the official Opening of “Shaman Witch”. This site is about the services I provide as a Wicca High Priest and Shaman with over 30 years of experience. I am litterally Divinely sent as a Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Coounselor Energy Worker, and Tarot Reader, to All.

Please feel free to browse my List of Services, Product Pictures, and Blog Pages.

vortex.gifDSCF0061 Close up Sige1926757_10201429828619346_329272229_nwitch-casting-spell1.jpg I Love YouI I CAN Help You. Contact me.
“Sige-Jen I”

Being Source Energy

All of my life, I have been attracted to the idea of being fully connected to Source. When I say “Source”, I mean, God/Goddess/Supreme Deity/The All That Is. And I have steadily moved within my Life to honor that connection more and more. In many ways I have ‘come round’ and succeeded. And then, there are other parts of myself that have not grown as fast as I would like them to. I still have some bad habits, and programing from early childhood that I keep putting in my own way. It gets a little frustrating sometimes to think that where I am at, age wise, in my Life,  that I haven’t pushed through those self induced obsticles, and became More of the thing I cherrish the most. To actually BE ,Source Energy, and be fully cognoscente of that realization. But I haven’t given up yet, and I never will.

I wonder sometimes, if there are others out there like me, who are walking a Spiritual Path, and still struggle with the acknowledgement of SELF, in the Cosmic sense. Or if they even wonder about their place in the Universe, at all, and if they are doing what they came here to do, in this lifetime. I spend a great deal of my personal time in thought or with my nose buried in a book(s), so I don’t get to bounce ideas and philosophies off peoples heads like I would like to. As a Shaman Witch, I have an ‘edge’ over a lot of other people as well as a curse, in the knowing of myself and the Occult learning’s I have acquired over the years. The curse part is the loneliness in not being on the same track as most other people around me and not being able to communicate with the like minded, as well.

One thing is for sure, I am open to receive any insight from the Source, and any of my Earthly companions. (I see these people as sent by God anyway.) Also, I draw down Source Energy into myself all of the time, to help and pass on to others. “I am empowered by the Universe itself!”


The Energy part is a given, as we all know, that everything is energy. We are the stuff that stars and galaxies are made up of. We truly are all ONE. Intellectually, I know we ARE Source Energy. In knowing that, I have renewed Hope daily, that I will contribute my talents and abilities to the Universe in the best fashion I can think possible, for the betterment of All.I am here to serve. My services are available to one and all, and I am open for dialogs and Spiritual Counseling to anyone out there reading this. Just ask. And please pass this message on. Check out my Lists Of Services page, and I hope to visit with any of you, soon.


Love and Blessed Be,  “Sige-Jen I”Shaman Witch 117


Get Naked

In Wicca, there is a line in what we call The Charge of the Goddess, that says ” An ye shall be naked in your rites”. A lot of those who are new to Paganism and Wicca interpret that to mean that everyone who attempts to join a Wicca group or Coven is automatically in for a chance to be naughty and perhaps get involved in an orgy of sexual delights with other members of the group. It is certainly a titilating consideration! Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a practicing witch, I know that there are covens who practice “skyclad”. (Nothing between you and the sky). And the reason that they do that is they feel that clothing restricts the energy of magnetism surrounding the human body, and hinders the magical working from succeeding. While I agree that that is a concern, I don’t feel that the wearing of clothing or not matters much. If you have done your magickal homewrk and are adept at what you are practicing, your ritual attire should not interfere with anything, at all. Again, I feel that this all stems from the idea that if you get a bunch of people naked, then interesting events might follow naturally. Unless you are preforming a ritual of sex magick, (Using sex as a way to increase the physical energy and applying it to the proceedure), then the point is mute.

What the line really means is, that as a magickal practioner, it is pure Wisdom to expose your True Self to the Universe, and not hide you feeling and attitudes, which would hinder your magickal opperation,in any way. By keeping your emotional baggage hidden and internalized, you are allowing the natural negative emotions to cloud your judgement, hinder your intent, and stiffel your intuition and psychic abilities. In extream cases where one may have a problem with a difficult emotion like anger, the magickal working could backfire and cause serious harm, not only for the practioner but to others in the group. We all have emotional baggage from our human, childhood conditioning. Unfortuatly, many people who come to the Wicca don’t get down to the nitty gritty of Self Examination and Knowing Yourself, and clear away a lot of the emotional bullshit that keeps one from being an effective witch or magician.

While you should never be ashamed of your physical bodies, it is another thing to flaunt your “stuff” around, trolling for sexual favors and manipulations. This isn’t good for serious Coven work, and causes a lot of jealousies and drama within the group and may speard out into the Paga/Magickal community as well. In this way, no real magickal work could be preformed successfully, until all maters could be resolved. And no seasoned Witch would ever become intangled in such drama.

Being naked is sometimes a pleasure, and should be experienced, within ones life time ,in approperate settings (Nature,perhaps, or personal ,solitary work in the home), It really isn’t a ,”must do”, to be a good Witch.

Naked Pose

Energy Work

419460_261527103932024_205335809551154_598147_329064963_n.jpg            Energy Work

          I am sure that everyone has in sometime of their lives had the thought and visualization of casting out energy from their hands. Like in the old sci-fi movies where the villain got zapped by the heroine in the fight for justice. Perhaps you have had the thought about a bothersome friend or a nasty boss, you would liked to have sent out a “death ray” to? But rather than sending out that kind of energy for negative purposes, why not for positive?

         In ancient times ,and modern, the “laying on of hands” has been a recurring phenomenon.  Jesus was said to heal the in firmed with his hands. Wizards were said to bless the creatures of the forest with a wave of his hand. Kings and Queens given their blessings with a touch of their hands. Native American medicine men and shamans used their hands to send “darts” of healing energy to an ailing person, while the practices of Anton Mesmer and Sigmund Fraud  used the hands holding a shinny object to hypnotize their patients. The list is endless of examples of healing with hands, down through the centuries.

         So what is this miraculous force that we have all heard of? How does it work? Is it real, and what is the method of executing this force?

         I his book “Energy Work”, by Robert Bruce, he explains that “Pure consciousness is energy, and energy knows no boundaries. Imagination, emotion, intention and energetic actions are all kinds of consciousness and energy. “Where your attention goes, your energy flows” is a fundamental principle of energy work. And your energetic actions will always be shaped by your thoughts, with exactly the properties you imagine and intend them to contain.” So, it would seem that we all have the capability to harness and use this valuable force to our will. Manipulation of energy is a fact, and has been available for our use, forever. Then why isn’t everybody using it?

         Actually, everyone is using the energy, only we fail to recognize what we are doing. From car mechanics, to hairdressers, to bakers, to stay at home Moms, we all use the power to affect changes around us. We all use it every day. The stumbling block is lack of our own CONSCIOUS realization of this. We have the capability to consciously Choose to do it. Once again, like so many other subjects that have been buried over the years, we have forgotten who we are. And most importantly what we are capable of.

                 Again, Mr. Bruce informs us that “Energy work is a collection of simple practices based on Focused Body Awareness.” He talks about “Tactile Imaging” within the body. For example, scratching your big toe with your thoughts and feeling, only. Or feeling the brushing of your hand with your other hand from 6 or 7 inches ,away from your other hand. Once we become proficient at these simple energy manipulations, it’s just a matter of time when we can actually “throw” energy out to another person or thing, and cause healing and change, according to our intentions. If we Believe and Know that the energy is real and being projected out from us like a laser beam or bolt of lightning, to affect change, IT IS SO.

              I could write a book on this subject (and I might….) but for now, I hope I have “wetted your appetite” for the possibilities of this most valuable and almost forgotten practice. Try it out on yourself, our your child’s scraped knee, or perhaps the family pet. Like Mr. Bruce says, “The only way to understand Energy Work, is to DO the energy work.” The possibilities are endless, and the applications are unlimited.

Blessed Be,
“Sige-Jen I”

Right Use Of Power

witch of the futureA long time ago, I was told on a couple of occasions by various fortune tellers and divination specialists , that in a past life, I abused POWER. I had “tricky” little business deals with other people’s money. I was the type of person the neighborhood was happy to see leave. I was the person who was unkind, devious, underhanded, unscrupulous, and manipulative, not to mention perverse, unethical and egotistical. Whew!

That’s a tall list for anybody, in any lifetime or many lifetimes!!!

In this lifetime, having an edge with Witchcraft, Introspection, Being Aware enough to realize that ,that was me then, and how important it is for me to remember the way I was and correct the mistakes of the past, Now. I have been working on this for all of my years. I am not the monster that I was then, but like most people, I have my faults and internal negativity and “dark side”. We all have some kind of “skeletons in our closet”, so to speak. My suspicion is that you have some work to do with this also.

This challenge of not abusing power has come to the forefront in my life ,lately, and I recently started to dig a little deeper into the subject. It came to me that in order to make amends to my past and enlighten others about my plight and help in their quests for Right Action in their lives. I believe that understanding our Personal Power is essential.. It came to me that in order to make amends to my past and enlighten others about my plight and help in their quests for Right Action in their lives. I believe that understanding our Personal Power is essential.

Power as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary is

a (1): ability to act or produce an effect (2): ability to get extra-base hits (3): capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect
b: legal or official authority, capacity, or right
a: possession of control, authority, or influence over others
b: one having such power; specifically: a sovereign state
c: a controlling group : establishment —often used in the phrase the powers that be
darchaic: a force of armed men
echiefly dialect: a large number or quantity
a: physical might
b: mental or moral efficacy
c: political control or influence
Etc., Etc., Etc. (To the 100th Power…)

That’s all well and good but I’m referring to is the Personal Power we all have. What are we made up of in our Bodies, Minds, and Spirits? How do our choices about ourselves and other’s affect the Universe? How do we think? Deliberately, on purpose or by default? It is said the we have enough power and energy within us to light up a whole cities for days. If that is so, then we owe it to ourselves to be a Positive force in our Universe, in EVERYTHING WE DO, and not a Negative one. (Although Negativity is a part of our Universe, too. It‘s the Contrasting element to decide upon.)

If everything in the Universe is Energy, from the tiniest to the mightiest, than everything counts. Our words, beliefs, actions, attitudes, thoughts and opinions etc., all count. Everything Counts! The Vibration’s we send out from ourselves affects the entire Universe. Talk about Power!!!

So, why is it so hard for us to be Good all of the time. How is it that most of us are our own worst enemies and stand in our own way from the Love, Light , Abundance, and more, that we so desperately, and richly deserve? Why are we so hard on ourselves. Do we not care and Love ourselves enough to use Power constructively instead of destructively? As one Law of Attraction speaker once said, “Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to change”? And , How?

Here is what I discovered. It takes Practice. A Lot of Practice! And Patience. And you have to be Ruthless in your Consistency of Practice. Calm in your Patience. You have to WANT to change for the better, and affect Positive Vibrations everywhere you go, at any time, to any person, and most of all, to yourself. It’s a matter of Being the person that you really want to be, a better person, and not stopping or allowing your smaller Self (Ego) to take over and side track your efforts. It’s about being a Light unto yourself and the World around you. The cure for Procrastination is Action. The cure from Fear and Doubt, is Love. Embrace you Fear’s with Love. The key to Ignorance is Knowledge. The key to Sickness is Well Being. The key for Loneliness is Right Relations. The cure for Powerlessness or Misuse of Power, is Awareness and Intentional Positive Energy . What and How do you desire to become more of ? Good? Bad? Light? Dark? Something in between? Positive or Negative, it’s a Choice. Do the right thing for your Soul growth and Spirit. I AM.

It’s as easy as breathing when you Practice it for even a little while.

Warmest Regards,
“Sige-Jen I”

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