A Case of Synchronicity

I will tell you of an experience that I had about 2 weeks ago, that really opened my heart. While working my regular job as a grounds keepeer, I had the oppertunity to ride “shotgun” in a semi-truck, with my buddy Mike, and  take a load of old wooden pallets to the junk yard for recycling. It was a cold and damp day, and the clouds hung low in the sky.

When we arrived at the junk yard, there was no one around to see over us as we dumped our load. The yard was empty and silent. So, we backed the rig in and proceeded to un-wrap and dump the pallets on the existing pile already accumulated. As we began to loosen and remove the straps holding the load down, my buddy Mike said, “What kind of animal is that?”

I looked over to see what he was talking about, and spotted at first glance, what I thought to be a big rat, not uncommon to junkyards and refuse piles. A second look was in order, and when I did, I saw a muddy and dirty gray cat, jumping around aimlessly, about 30 feet away from me. The wierd thing about the scene was the poor cat had a tin can stuck onto its head!!

I said in surprise, “Check this out!” Mike looked at the cat and looked at me and quietly said” Why don’t you see if you can help him?” So, I broke away from what I was doing with the truck, and tip toed over to the cat, who was now simply standing there with this rediculous can on its head.It was indeed a cat food can. As I approached him, I heard a faint wimper, and I knew he was tired and confused. My heart opened to helping him get out of his predicament.

I gently slung my left arm around the front of him, at the chest area, and took hold of the can with my right hand. He made a muffled “meow”, in protest. I tryed to pull the can off, but it was stuck on tight, and all the way down on his head, almost to the shoulder. I tryed to rock and pull the can off of him, but he protested even more. I didn’t want to hurt him, and I knew that the can lip was cutting into his neck. I had the thought run through my headthat I needed a pair of tin snips, but I had no tools with my what so ever.

Slowly I rocked the can back and forth, and from side to side, and inticed the fur and skin of his neck out of the can. Gradually, I managed to get one ear out, and I knew I was making progress. He wasn’t fighting me, so I also knew he was tired and wore out from his ordeal. I continued to rock the can back and forth slowly, and all of a sudden, POOF, the can was free.

The cat made a wild and wide eyed “Yeooow”! I thought for a moment that he was going to bite me or tear into me with his claws, but he didn’t. Later, when thinking about the incident, i realised that he had been in darkness, and suffocation, that that was why he made the vivid, “Yeooow!” He was just as surprised as me that he could breath and see daylight. As I released him and he started away, I shook my finger at him lovingly and said” Don’t you do that anymore, Dude! You’re going to kill yourself.” He walked a few steps away and like a typical cat, began to lick himself, and eye me. I stood up, and turned and walked away, then turned and waved back at him, twice.

What a wonderful experience that I was there, just at that time, to help and perhaps save the life of this beautiful feline creature. It was a good feeling. I was blessed that day (and perhaps, tested) by the God/dess/Source, to see if my heart was open. I think I passed the test. And later, I was “tested” again. I wanted to shout to the world on Facebook of what I had done, but I suddenly knew that i needed to be Humble about the incident, and pull my Ego back a bit.

In retospect, I wondered how many other cats and “critters” get their heads caught in tin cans and jars, looking for food. I tell everyone to”Smash The Cans”,now and help avoid this from happening again. We humans have a responsability to protect and cherish the animals of this beautiful planet.

Blessed Be,

Lord Sige-Jen I


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