White Light Meditation

In order to be a GOOD practicing Witch, or any Metaphysical person, one must learn to meditate effectively. While there are pleanty of books out there concerning Many methods of meditation, I have found that the following works for me the best, and with instant and growing results. Give this method a good solid week, morning and evening, and watch the Magick happen!

1.- Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair, in a place where it is quiet and you won’t be disturbed. Relax and breath deeply, about 6 times, then return your breathing to normal. Breath into your belly, and see each part of your physical body go totally relaxed, beginning with your feet, upwards. Take your time with each body part. Feet, anckles, calves, thighs, genitals, back, butt, stomach, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and head. Feel the tightness loosen and leave that body area limp and calmly relaxed. When you get to the head area, don’t forget to relax your jaw muscle, and your brow and scalp.  Swallow and Let go.Take an extra moment or two to check everything to make sure that all is calm, relaxed and comfortable.

2.-Now, in your mind, visualize a strong beam of intense white light streaming down around your body from above . Once again, Feel the warmth and glow of the white light as it permiates every part of your being. Know that this is the Source itself shining down around and inside of you. Allow yourself to accept and permit the exchange of pure positive Souce Energy into your being. Relax and enjoy for as long as you wish.

3.- As the beam of white light grows and swirls around you, bring in the added visualization, of a large magnifying glass hovering over your head. You can make the glass as simple or unique as you like, but be sure to make it as real and solid as possible. Allow the magnifying glass to enter the white light above your head and intensify the light beam, like a lazer beam. See and feel it focusing on your spine, and especially on your Red Root Chakra. In your mind, see it grow and whirl, like a spinning vortex. Allow it to become Red to Lazer Red,swirling and growing. When you are ready, raise the lazer light to your Orange Spleen Chakra, and again, see and feel the center glow from Orange to Lazer Orange, expanding upwards. After a time, and when your are sure it is stable, raise the Lazer Light upwards to your Yellow Solar Plexes Chakra. Intensify the light to affect the Yellow to Lazer Yellow light and dancing upwards. Remember to relax. This is the point where, as the energy is building, tension starts to in the body tends to grow. Be aware and reinforce your relaxation.

4.- Once that you have established the Firm and Focused lower 3 Chakras, now proceed upwards to the Green Heart Chakra. See and Feel it grow and expand with lazer light percision. Have the light turn the color from simple light to dark Green to Lazer Green, and ponder the thoughts of Centering and Inner Peace, Abundance,Love and Joy. Give your Self a time to soak up the good feelings that this Chakra provides. Then, move the white light further up you spine to your Blue Throat Chakra, and Feel the Electric Blue dancing light and  lightning all around the body area, knowing that you can project the lightning out from your body at any time to heal yourself and others. See the Throat Chakra turn for Blue to Lazer Electric Blue. Then, raise the light up to the Indigo Brow Chakra. See and Feel the mystery and wonder of the Deep Dark Blue to Dark Purple. Vision an Eye gazing inward and outward at the same time, and a screen appearing in your forehead. Know that you can witness Pychic Visons upon the screen more and more with each white light attunment. Can you “see” anything now? Take your time to make this and all Chakra areas as real as possible.

5.- And , see the white light raise up to your Purple Crown Chakra. See it as a dancing flame ever expanding upwards, to your highest ideal of Creator/Source Energy See the Purple change to Lazer Purple. Enjoy your communion with God/dess and your Spirit Guides who are now taking notice of you, and the Universal Source that is the Real You. Believe that they are with you now and always.

6.- Last, see and feel the chakras “hitting on all cylanders”, trobbing and pulsing like a well oiled Bio-Machine firmly connected to ALL That Is. When you are finished, speak a grateful “Thank-You” to the Powers that are all around you, and invite them to stay with you always. Never turn off the Light, but see it growing day by day.

As each passing day, you will feel and act stronger and more confidet is all your dealings, and you will see and witness many Magickal happenings right before your eyes. Trust me, and Enjoy the ride.


Sige-Jen I

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