Through the Looking Glass

4463605_f260ScryPrivate Tarot/Crystal Readings with Sige’

Sige’ – Shaman Witch,  is a professional Tarot/Crystal Ball reader with a Lifetime of experience interpreting the Tarot for clients everywhere. Using the combination of the cards in conjunction with the other cards around them in the Layout, the Past, Present, and Future are revealed. The images on the cards tell the client His/Her story, buy using the vibrations the client shuffles into the cards with their hands, or for long distance readings, Sige’ tunes into the Whole person that is you, while shuffling the cards for you, to get a clear accurate readings possible. Colors , Numbers, Impressions, and Psychic Intuitions are gleaned from each individual reading.

Crystal Ball Readings are a newer divinatory skill ,practice and method that Sige’ continues to master with each day with astounding accuracy. In Trance, what is seen Beyond Beyond in the crystal speculum may start out as a mystery with the images ,symbols, colors, words, and Clairvoyant messages that fly across the crystal screen. But they will in turn describe situations and events surrounding the client and forthcoming.

Tarot Readings- $50

Crystal Ball Readings -$50

Combination Tarot/Crystal Ball – $75 (best value)

Readings can be done in person in the Columbus, Ohio area, or by phone and Skype.

Payments: Cash, Check (Ohio only) or PayPal

For more information, please view the List of Services or E-mail at:

740 605 2191 (cell)



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